How to Claim a Mileage Tax Deduction in 2021

Claiming a mileage tax deduction is the best possible way to cut the amount of tax you owe to the IRS. But in recent years the authority has been very strict in mileage tax deduction rules. The tax amendment 2017 seriously limited the mileage tax deduction. Now you cannot claim the itemized deduction for expenses like annual mileage. The job and tax amendment 2017 also limited this deduction on relocation expenses. Only the active military personnel can claim this benefit while relocating to other places due to duty transfer.

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How to Deal with Privacy Concerns of Drivers?

Transport companies are expected to maintain their vehicle operators and motor vehicles safe. They perform with the help of transport devices and automobile solutions. These programs deliver all the essential particulars such as the shipping time and the number of trips made. All freight organisations notify their driver operators of the terms and conditions before recruiting them. This also includes authorisation to track them throughout the working hours.

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